In Aldipack we are proud of our corporate culture and the relationships of trust we build with our customers. Choose Aldipack and relax. You are in good hands!


We use exclusively top quality raw materials and products with all the necessary certificates.
We prefer to use local raw materials when it is possible.


Our accuracy in delivery times reaches 100%. We are absolutely consistent even when we are dealing with personalized productions. In Aldipack there are no excuses.


Do not hesitate to contact us
either by phone or email. Our experienced
representatives will solve every
problem or inquiry.

Aldipack group of companies was established in 1950 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since then its main activity is the production and merchandise of paper products and food packaging solutions.

Today it has a leading position in the market, due to its capability to cover its clients’ needs for quality and service.

Strengthen your corporate identity using printed packaging with your logo. We guarantee high quality printing from latest technology machines.

You don’t have a logo?

Our design team will contact you and make true any of your ideas!

We have a big range of paperboards, suitable for a big variety of applications. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

We produce a great variety of papers in big or small diameter rolls, or in sheets of your desired dimensions.


For us environmental protection is a high priority. We recast our procedures often in order to reduce our environmental footprint. We invest in inovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of our building facilities and our machinery equipment.

We recycle 100% of production procedure solid wastes, as well as stationery, office supplies, batteries, lamps and everything else that can be recycled. We manage responsibly special wastes (glues, colours) that come out of the production procedure. We assign their collection to companies specialized in waste management, certified from the Greek government.



Straight Paper Straws for Freddo 1-1 (500 pcs)

4.60 excl. VAT

Flexible Paper Straws 1-1 (250 pcs)

3.45 excl. VAT

White Kraft Paper Bags with Window (1.000 pcs)

25.0028.00 excl. VAT

White Greaseproof Paper Bags (10 kg)

31.00 excl. VAT

“Food” Greaseproof Paper (10 kg)

31.00 excl. VAT

“Food” Greaseproof Paper Bags (10 kg)

31.00 excl. VAT
Semi-Clear Vest Carrier Bags (10 kg)

Semi-Clear Vest Carrier Bags (10 kg)

22.00 20.00 excl. VAT
Club Sandwich Toothpicks 6.5cm (1

Club Sandwich Toothpicks 6.5cm (1,000 pcs)

1.50 excl. VAT


Aldipack Ioannidis Α.Ε.Β.Ε.